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Wecheer technology Co., Ltd was established in 2016 ,On march , we started the e-commerce business , focusing on the sale of Electronic health products ,until now we have more than 10 network shops on Tamall , Taobao, Jingdong , Su Ning,Gome and soon on platforms in this electronic products more than 5 Years, now we have joined with

China Electronic AXD Group super factory , which was established in 2003, the factory has more than 10,000 square meters of standard production workshops in Blood pressure monitors , Nebulizer, Oximeter , Non-contact thermometer, digital thermometer, Humidifiers Fetal Monitor, Electric Facial Cleanser, face shield , Laser hair removal device, Foot Massager machines……

AXD has been focusing on home medical device and home health products research and development more than 10 years , now Markets many factories are nominated by AXD to OEM for many factories brand service .We are a professional Electronic health products provider.

Compressor Nebulazier AXD302
Medical Compressor Nebulazier
Face sheilds
Product Listing as below ———
1.Blood pressure Monitor 2.Ultrasonic Mircro Mesh Nebulizer 3.Compressor Nebulizer 4.Non-contact thermometer thermometer 6.Oximeter  7.Humidifer 8.Digital Early pregnancy test Pen  9.Condoms  10.Electronic Cigarette 11.Fetal Monitor for home use  12. Face sheilds
13 Oxygen Concentrator
14.Covid-19 Antigen Test Kits
15. Mercury Thermometers
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What are the international experiences of the medical service delivery model


The China government pay attention to importance to the localization of high-end medical devices


Major changes in medical device approvals and R&D costs are greatly reduced In China


Real medical design, product design is not only technology


IPL Importer EMS Micro Current Cleansing Device Facial ,

Lifting Massager Household RF Beauty Device

Nonvisual electric blackhead suction device to remove blackheads, household beauty

pores and cleansing face

Digital Pregnancy Testing Pen

Early pregnancy ovulation single function test pen,

Test core

Dual function test pen

Humidifer with USB, Spray with night light Mute for bedroom at home

Lubricated Condoms (Plain Condoms, Ribbed Condoms,Dotted Condoms,Ultra thin Condoms)

Prolong Condoms

(Plain Condoms, Ribbed Condoms,Dotted Condoms,Ultra thin Condoms)

Freezing Condoms

(Plain Condoms, Ribbed Condoms,Dotted Condoms,Ultra thin Condoms)

Warming Condoms

(Plain Condoms, Ribbed Condoms,Dotted Condoms,Ultra thin Condoms)

IPL laser hair removal device home private parts hair removal device beauty salon new freezing point laser hair removal

Facial moisturizing portable handheld spray instrument nano spray skin test moisturizer

Nebulizer Ultrasonic Micro-mesh Nebulizer Portable Child Adult Household Nebulizer