Real medical design, product design is not only technology

2019-09-11 16:59

Industrial product design is not only the embodiment of technology, but also to understand the changes in lifestyle and life concepts, continuously improve product design trends and features, and invent and create new application concepts.

From general design to meticulously crafted

Perhaps the competition in the details is the highest level of competition. Consumers are more inclined to choose products with more beautiful shapes, more delicate details and industries among similar products with a wide range of products on the market. The detailed design of the product is embodied in two aspects: the external embodiment of the design and the internal embodiment of the design. The exterior of the design refers to the intuitive understanding of the product itself, that is, the function of the product. Intrinsic manifestation refers to the hidden content derived from the product, involving the manifestation of design psychology, human-machine relationship, and human factors. The detailed design of industrial product design is mainly to meet consumers' deep-seated psychological needs for texture.